Hello students and staff at College of the Rockies, and people of Cranbrook! Your route 5 College bus is your affordable transportation ticket to getting around Cranbrook! Have a bit of time to pull your brain out of your studies and check out the amazing community around you? Like the other 6,000 or so people that usually take the route 5 College every month during the typical school year, BC Transit has you covered.

Grab your mask and #BusPass and let’s get this journey started.  Leave your work behind and take the route 5 down scenic 2nd Street, where weather permitting you can stop in at the Cranbrook Disc Golf Course! It’s a great way to blow off some steam – wandering through the woods hunting down your wayward disc.

Staying on the route 5 takes you right to the doorstep of Western Financial Place, the largest sports and entertainment venue in the Kootenays. Even if there are no big concerts or shows, it’s got a great Aquatic Centre and ice rink. When you check out what’s available, make sure you know what must be booked in advance, and what the proper protocols are to ensure a safe and healthy visit.

Turning onto 17th Avenue, you’ll get a good view of Balment Park. In warmer times, this is a great place to get off and find a comfy spot to people watch, read a book or listen to one of our BC Transit Spotify playlists! If you choose to keep riding, you’ll take a right down tree-lined 1st Street, which turns into Louis Street, followed by a right on 12th Avenue – and now you’re in the heart of the action!

This is where the route 5 College essentially ends by looping around three blocks and then heading back the way you came. If you’re up for a stroll, you can easily hop off at the beginning of the loop after turning onto 12th.

If you need to fuel up along the way, you can grab lunch or dinner at Soulfood Farm-to-Table, located in the historic Mount Baker Hotel.

And of course, no trip through downtown Cranbrook would be complete without a wander through the aisles of Huckleberry Books – just make sure you say hi to Max, the bookstore cat! We all know that any good bookstore browse is made better with a coffee in hand, so you may want to first make a pit stop at Max’s Place. And no, it’s not owned by the bookstore cat… unless he’s a silent partner?

Once you’re done all your shopping, browsing and munching, it’s easy and convenient to just get back on the route 5 College, which makes the trip more than 30 times on weekdays, so you can head back to the comfort of campus if that is your destination.

Explore Route 5

Erin Kenny