Heading off to university or college is an exciting journey, one filled with new experiences and adventures around every corner. Finding new places to explore and things to do around town is a big part of that, and in the Central Fraser Valley it’s as easy as hopping on a bus– so let’s do that!

Grab your #BusPass and hop on the route 1 Highstreet/UFV in the Central Fraser Valley Transit System and start your journey off after, before, or during (shhh…) class and begin exploring, right from the doorstep of the University of the Fraser Valley.

The route 1 is a popular choice in the CFV, with the route providing almost 950 km of service and taking over 2,900 passengers to and from their destination on the average fall weekday.

Alright, let’s make sure we have everything we need for our trip: Mask – check, #BusPass – check, Spotify playlist especially curated for adventures just like this? – CHECK. And we’re off!

Hop aboard at UFV and let’s make our first stop along the route to check out Banter Ice Cream, located just a few steps away from the bus stop to grab some deliciousness in a cone. If you’re feeling hungry, The Polly Fox is just a few doors down and has some gluten free treats, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Time for some fun! Grab your roommate or family and play some board games by hopping off the bus at Boardwalk Café and Games and get your game on together. (Fun fact: playing Monopoly may result in you leaving with fewer allies than you arrived with). Grab a burger from Brgr Brgr for a post-victory celebration meal.

You can also make your way to Highstreet Mall on the route 1 to explore the shops for a fabulous new outfit, video games, and a cup of coffee – or two. From UFV to Highstreet Mall or vice versa, only takes about 40 minutes. Hop on one of the 78 daily trips and explore the area.

There’s so much more left to discover and these are just a few options on one route, but we’ll leave the exploring up to you. Find what you like along the route or just sit back, relax and let us do the driving.

Explore Route 1

Erin Kenny